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Organic intermediates and products

Aniline, technical grade

GOST 313-77 with alt. No.1,2,3.

Mol.w. 93.13


Used in manufacture of polyisocyanates, vulcanization accelerators, intermediates and dyes, synthetic fibres, explosives, antioxidants, photomaterials, aniline- formaldehyde resins and medicines.

Appearance, properties

Clear oily combustible fluid darkening in the light and in the air; mixible with alcohol, ether and benzene in any ratio; soluble in most organic solvents.

Quality indices

Color colorless to light yellow
Crystallization temperature of dried product, °C, min -6,2
Mass fraction of aniline in dried product, %, min 99,8
Mass fraction of nitrobenzene in dried product, %, max 0,0006
Mass fraction of water, %, max 0,1